Obstetrics Services

With the whole range of emotions Parenthood the greatest moment for a mother’s life. Mother may have a devastating sentiment that her life has changed evermore. Excellent service for both mother and their child beneath doctor’s supervision. From the initial stage to till delivery it’s our responsibility to guide her at every stage and take care at her delivery time.

The Women’s Pavilion at Dr. Anju's Maternity & Infertility Clinic is home to the Birthplace for a child. Dr Anju Garg an expert of Pregnancy & Childbirth service. We are recognized for serve high-quality patient care & delivering up-to-date guidelines in pregnancy situations.

obstetrics services
Prenatal Services

Advance care to the patients.

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Antenatal Screening and Counselling

Complete care during the pregnancy.

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Normal Vaginal Delivery

Best option for you and your baby.

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Caesarean Section

Skip labour or plan their baby's birth.

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Post-natal Care

Care for your newborn.

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Pregnancy Planning

What is good time to conceive.

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Dr. Anju's Maternity Infertility Clinic
High Risk Pregnancy

Most sensitive pregnancies.

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Complications During Labor

Work on the complications.

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